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「meet Shunsuke Nakamura/soccer player」

Kenta Kawanishi

Special Movie

Kenta Kawanishi(age 17)Ewing’s sarcoma

Kenta’s dream was to “meet Shunsuke Nakamura/soccer player” to thank him. During his challenging time battling this disease, his father contacted Yokohama F Marinos, where Nakamura played and asked for their support. He explained his son’s situation and since Kenta is a huge fan of Nakamura and had played soccer as a child, he asked if they could send an encouraging message from Nakamura to Kenta. He was in a challenging battle with the disease. A few weeks later, a package arrived with a uniform of Yokohama F Marions with Nakamura’s autograph. It made all the difference, and Kenta was able to survive the battle.

As a wish child, Kenta’s wish was to thank Nakamura for his caring gift to him. And, Make-A-Wish agreed to grant it.

Due to the surgical operation, Kenta’s right leg is shorter, and he cannot run, nor kick with his right foot, but he is still in love with soccer. He is currently a member of Amputee Soccer, playing soccer with crutches. His goal is to be a member of the national team.

Make-A-Wish was shooting a short video of him, and as Kenta was playing soccer, Nakamura quietly appeared and came right behind him. Kenta kicked a ball, which hit the goalpost, and as he turned around, he found that his hero, Nakamura was there.

Kenta’s wish was granted in a surprising way. He had one of the best smiles when he realized that his wish had come true. It was another magical moment of wish granting.

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